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Review 500 Days of Summer (2009)

By Marc Webb | USA
• • •
“This is a story of boy meets girl.” It is impossible to see the subject of romance objectively. Love, relationships, heartbreaks, we experience these things in completely different ways, some seeing more of its joy than the pain and some seeing nothing but the complications that came with it. At the end, we perceive these things personally; making our own stance on what we believe it all means. In Tom’s case, he believes love is everything. He even believes that true happiness can only come with the arrival of your true love. And so, it is quite troubling when the girl he believes to fit that role have a completely opposite view on the word “love” — a word she claimed to even be meaningless.
“(500) Days of Summer” acts as a contemplation on these ideas, each one lands on each end of the spectrum. It is an essay on modern relationship that guises itself in one of the most energetic and stylistically creative romcom ever made. Where as most romance story focuses on serving its protagonists “change of character” in a cheap way, 500 did not waste any time to explore the many confronting believes that a relationship actually has; and satirically commenting on how the genre poorly delivers these conflicts. What we ended up with is a film with at least something for anyone to resonate with in complete different ways. It is a story with an array of perspective that you will definitely caught some way in the middle. Whether you will resonate the most with an optimistic desperate romantic Tom or the easy going anti-romance Summer, or perhaps the lost and disconnected couple that they are in the middle, the film serves you the possiblity for you to connect with its ideas in a quick and always refreshing way.
Ultimately, what “(500) Days of Summer” has become is — if not the best romance film of its decade — the most complete a romance film could ever be. Supporting and criticizing the notion of romance it itself is promoting. It is a film about how we are consumed with pop culture; of men’s toxic desire of ownership; of women’s needs of freedom and exploration. It’s a film that bashed on how society is more and more punishing romanticism in this new digital era. It is a film about anything you want to believe it is about because essentially, like Tom, we believe in what we want to believe in regards of love. And to that statement, it is possible that even I see this film’s brilliance only through blind love, but even if that’s true, so what? Because if anything this film tells you, is that it is okay to fall in love and to be heartbroken. And that both of them is essentially a choice. A choice we have no control of making.
• • •
“(500) Days of Summer” is without a doubt one of our favorite romance film of all time. It’s a film we’ve watched time and time again, each time giving completely different experiences than before; morphing itself into whatever we needed to hear. It’s true that “you should know up front, this is not a love story”. Because what it ended up being is a story about love.
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