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Review Jupiter Ascending (2015)

By Lana & Lilly Wachowski | USA, Australia
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Quirky in the blandest possible way, “Jupiter Ascending” is the latest work from the Wachowskis that is sadly also their worst. The premise is simple enough (that was a joke, it actually isn’t): an ordinary young half russian girl gets caught up in a season of intergalactic Game of Thrones. Just before a group of alien midgets tried to kill? Extract? Kidnap? Her, she was saved by a hunky space werewolf veteran soldier with the face of Channing Tatum and fell in love with him simply because, well, he’s Channing Tatum.
From there the plot only thickens, and expands, and grow, to the point of immeasurable complexity that will either twist your mind dry or snore you off to sleep in less than ten minutes. We are first introduced to the three (yes, three) main antagonist in a scene pulled straight out of The Sopranos, or in this case The Abrasax, the intergalactic dynasty that has mastered the industry of selling life juice to achieve everlasting youth. On one end we have fan-favorite Eddie Redmayne as Balem, having the worst case of a sore throat ever; at the other end we have Douglas Booth as Titus, basically a megalomaniacal Ken Doll; and in the middle is Tuppence Middleton as Kalique, doing.. well she’s just kinda hang around here and there from time to time. Now here’s the ironic part: these three performance is the sole biggest reason why this film is entertaining to me. Seeing these three actors act the hell out of the deepest and wildest corner of their minds are an absolute joy to watch. Imagine the ridiculousness of the acting in “Cloud Atlas” and double, triple it.
Another factor I would say benefited the film a lot is the visuals which I have to admit, looks pretty damn impressive especially for a film that is five years old. It also helps how the Wachowskis really utilizes their great eye for design and world building, mixing aspects of high fantasy aesthetic, almost surrealist imagery with a sci-fi world. Say what you want to this film, but you have to acknowledge how this is one of the only view original sci-fi blockbuster of the decade.
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“Jupiter Ascending” is overstuffed and went completely bonkers by the end. Yet despite all its flaws, the Wachowskis creative vision still managed to slip through and boy, do we relish in Redmayne’s whispering act.
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