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Review Pet Sematary (2019)

By Kevin Kölsch & Dennis Widmyer | USA
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There’s a reason why King has rose into the cult status that he is. His stories, more than any other horror, really focuses on a single most primal fear; childhood fear to be exact. Whether it be clowns, vampires, or a washing machine (yes even that), his monsters are mostly goofy on paper but through his honest delivery on that irrational fear, he convinced us that it actually is pretty rational.
In “Pet Sematary”, King turns his focus to these same terrors; dumbwaiter, disability, and household pets being some of them. But the biggest subject King brought here is one that is more universal and also haunts adults as well: facing mortality and death. However, with such motive being more common these days more than ever (“Hereditary” and “The Haunting of Hill House” both walked the same ground), “Pet Sematary” just felt too short to compete against the others.
Too rash and too clumsy in building its sense of dread, it feels as if the film is too childish for adults yet too scary for kids to enjoy. But then again, that should’ve been the charm for King’s work. It threads the uncanny valley of being a sometimes ludicrous horror stories that you would tell your friends as kids, but it secretly packs a disturbing idea. The balancing of these two tones seems lost in this adaptation of “Pet Sematary”, that feels a bit too much like the countless mainstream horror films we’ve been barraged with. Reliant on jumpscare and violent, without no actual build up and substance.
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“Pet Sematary” fell closer to the territory of the recent “Dark Tower” than the brilliance of “The Shining” when it comes to Kings adaptation. Bland, forgettable, and unsatisfying; it’s only right to let this one to rest in its graveyard.
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