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Film : Man of Steel (2014)

Superman is back again, this superhero icon is always turned on. After the previous film was almost dim and appeared Superman Return, but somehow this film does not seem "very superman", this film is less in interest.

Echoes of the film superman are still tied to the shoulders of Christopher D'Olier Reeve as if Superman's role in "destined" for him who has fairly strong charisma as a character Superman / Kal-El / Clark Kent.

But in 2013 Superman: Man of Steel was presently directed by Zack Snyder and starred by a man in his 30s from England, this is the first time Superman has been played by someone outside of American citizens, Henry Cavill.

Although this film reportedly received a lot of praise for the film's efforts to mature superman films before, still the challenges have to be faced by Zack Snyder and Henry Cavill to "shift" the strong charisma of Christopher Reeve.

Synopsis of the film Man of Steel

Tells the story of a man from another planet Krypton, has power above the average alias super strong, but unfortunately, the fight and rebellion on his planet are forced to have to "throw to earth", by his father and biological mother.

His love for the earth began to grow based on the love of native foster parents who cared for him, namely the couple Jonathan Kent (Kevin Costner) and Martha (Diane Lane). Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) the name of the earth he works as a reporter.
Superman's main enemy in this film is General Zod (Michael Shannon). Awareness of the power he has makes him act and take the initiative to protect the people he loves on earth.

Although his great strength superhero character always has weaknesses that are when it comes to love, on the one hand, is he must realize that he can not live normally with a family, because he realized that he was in danger not only himself who was affected but also those he loved and that person is Lois Lane (Amy Adams).

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