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Review Film Underwater (2020)

It's always interesting to look forward to the action of each of Kristen Stewart's roles on the screen. Starting from films that make his name soar like Twilight Saga (2008-2012), The Runaways (2010), Snow White and the Huntsman (2012), to Charlie's Angels (2019).

On average, the film played by him is really interesting to see. Especially for those who enjoy acting in the film Twilight Saga. It certainly feels comforted so that it grows with the films.

At least, that's the presentation that Kristen Stewart wants to raise through her role in Underwater (2020). He took on an important role as Norah - a technician at Tian Industries' underwater installation.

For those who used to see Christian acting tends to be relaxed and cheerful, in this film the characters are more serious and full of mystery.
Gripping from the Beginning
In full, Underwater tells a story about a study of the potential under the sea - the deepest ocean aka the Mariana trough - conducted by a group of researchers, to explore the depths of the bowels of the earth and take quite a long time. That makes those who work as researchers down and settled in the Tian Industries facility with a high-tech laboratory.
Problems also arise right in the middle of the research, in the form of a natural event that resulted in their laboratory and evacuation equipment being badly damaged. Those who survived revealed the only way to stay alive and return to the surface, namely by walking exploring the deep sea in special clothes.
While watching, the nuances captured were nothing but panic during darkness, gripping sea monsters, and cold temperatures. That combination makes the Underwater film worthy of being named one of the best sci-fi horror genre films.

The thrill can, surprise can, the tense feel it certainly can. Just gripping, has become a potion since the beginning of the film rolling, right after the opening section contains a variety of newspaper clippings with headlines - headlines - which can narrate the audience about the background of the film's story. The researchers who survived, struggled to find colleagues who survived one by one, ranging from Paul (T.J Miller), Emily (Jessica Henwick), Smith (John Gallager Jr.), and Captain Lucien (Vincent Cassel). Which then explored every facility owned by Tian Industries while finding a way out with limited time, an inadequate supply of oxygen, and threats from underwater monsters that are generally never seen by humans. Besides, the film owner intelligently, William Eubank inserted a moral message represented by a dialogue regarding the reasons for the failure of drilling that caused damage to the laboratory where they work. If I remember correctly, this is the contents of the dialogue: "Because we have taken too much from the sea. Now the sea wants to take it back from us. We shouldn't be here." Through this, any group watching will be led to understand the case of excessive exploitation of natural resources which will harm the survival of human beings, as well as the environment. And in this film, the sea is a threat to their lives. Regarding the plot, the taste is not so special, because it is the forward path that dominates. Seen from the absence of a flashback or see the past of each character, as well as about the deepening of characters that are not so strong into the next problem that inspires the mind to voice. Even so, everything is relieved by visual and sound quality above average. This is the case that will draw the audience into the real impression of tension, danger, and claustrophobia. This is the added value of this one and a half-hour-long film.

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